Sonic's World NX ver.

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[EDIT 5!?!]:
Sonic's World (NX Ver.) ranks 123rd (lol) in the NG charts...And keeps rising! O.o
It's better than Power Star 4?!?! You can't be serious. XD
Last edit forever, I promise. =3

[EDIT 4?]:
The timer and preloader had broken fonts...fixed it =P Last edit forever, lol!

[EDIT 3]:
Why did nobody tell me that there's a subtitle error?
(except thunder567, which was kinda late)
Oh well. -_-; I had luck to have the .fla and fixed it anyway.

[EDIT 2]:
Thank you soooo much, guys!

Wow, so many favourites!
If you liked my movies, then make me as favourite artist and you won't miss in future my movies.

Before you watch this movie, you should read this:
It's not related to Mini Speed1's movie, I didn't stole Mini Speed1's idea and
I haven't been inspired by Mini Speed1's movie.
(Ask him, he knows what I'm talking about XD)

This is my most popular movie so far. Maybe it's because it's in the Sonic collection section.

If I forgot someone in the credits, sorry 'bout that.


Best His World Sprite Music Video EVER!

It's goog to know that someone has finally answered my wish and made a Sonic His World Sprite Music Video, to the whole song no doubt. Good output of music and good flash animations. This is going straight to my favorites and staying their for eternity. How about doing a Sprite Music Video to the other versions of His World that our out there.

Summary: Very well done!

Enjoyed throuly

A great job woth all, especial the music!

Nice work!

Great work. I can tell you worked hard on this.

I actually don't like the song you selected, but for whatever reason your movie made it work for me.

Great animation, and also nice story to go along with it.

Great work, but there is still room for improvement. All-in-all a good Movie.

It's going on my favorites.

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Okay, Why is Mario dressing up as Pikachu and Why is Luigi dressing up as Chaos? Anyways,Cool Music Video! Sonic's World

Pkmn2 responds:

That's my crew (I have nobody, except them, myself and my annoying 5-years old sister XD)

I already have a Biography for everybody:

Real Name: Ryan Geremaya
Age: 25
Ability: Thunder
His favourite mascot is Gorachu
A parody of Pokemon XD

Real Name: Project: Ocean
Age: 40
Ability: Water (lol)
His favourite mascot is Turtelcruel

Their maschots are action figures, which is called Perimons. There only 40x100 of them.

Cool Biography,eh? XD

An action filled view into Sonic

The music gave Sonic a true action-y feel. Sometimes, the songs that accompany him in his VG's just don't quite cut it.

Awesome timing with the animations too. Overall, I enjoyed this!

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4.31 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2007
6:36 AM EDT
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