Little Alien

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This is my first Flash cartoon. I basically kinda learned how the program worked as I made it. It's very simple and relies on a lot of tweens, and real "beginner" animations. So don't be too harsh, please :). Oh, and it's just part one of 3.....and for anyone that might be wondering, the audio files are from the lovely anime known as Twilight of the Dark Master.


It needs a DUH DUH DUH at the end...

Animation was alright. I only took off one point for that.
The art was real good though. I like the milky way mist crap
Good Job! 9/10


for your first flash i am blown away , i love aliens and i love this series


first flash cartoon? you blew my mind with this!!! your getting added as one of my favorite artists and I love the feel of this cartoon cute and creepy takes me back to watching E.T. for the first time as a kid! keep it up I'm gunna be looking for more of you and I'm going to watch part 2 right now!


I loved it! I don't know if it'll be front paged or not, but it should be. What really got me was the mood music, awesome. But what I really really loved and thought was unique was the alpha effects you used in the space scene. Great work!

What a lovely first flash!

You actually took the time to learn about what you were doing, craft what looks to be a developable storyline, use some effects as well...kudos to you!! Would that other users who submit trashy knock-offs took a page from your book!

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3.41 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2007
10:26 PM EDT
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