Aladdin 3150

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Well hello Newgrounders, long time, no see. If you've wondered where I've been all this time, well, school has been sucking up my soul. I apologize for neglecting NG all this time. it feels like forever since I submitted something. This is actually my first flash submitted since I got Flash 8.

Anyways, this is an animation I made during the last semester of school at IUPUI. I originally made it for my school's biannual VisionFest contest that was being held August 16-18th of this year. Buuuut...ultimately I got beat out by an animation about bird calls. T'was a shame.

What inspired me to make this flash was actually the music, Kismet by Bond. As I was listening to it one day, I was suddenly overcome by this storyline that was going through my head as the music was playing. Kinda like watching a Fantasia short. I knew what I had to do... I have to admit, this didn't turn out as majestic as I imagined it, but I guess I'm still somewhat novice in animation. Also, some of the scenes lag a little, I'm sorry.

To get this done in time for the deadline, I acquired help from a fellow Newgrounds artist, Zombie-Pimp. He did a lot of the backgrounds and a few of the background people, he was a huge help, I dunno if I would of been able to finish before the deadline without him. Thanks, Man.

I also gotta give a big shout-out to Tom Fulp for everything (Newgrounds, increase of size limit, sponsorship), you're just...awesome. Thanks.

This flash takes place in a world after post-nuclear fallout has turned Earth into a desert planet. As a result, society is shaped accordingly and is thrown into an era resembling an Arabian setting.

Well, I'm sure you're all bored of reading all this, so go ahead and start the movie. And as always, ENJOY!


P.S. (8/21/07) I've been reading each review intensely. Each of your (fellow Newgrounders) reviews make me feel better about the past few days. I've been able to dust myself off quickly and realize that I've been able to entertain a lot of people. In a way, (I still miss that scholarship) I'm glad I lost in the VisionFest, because now I realize that I always have a place of retreat or a home here at Newgrounds and that it will never turn me away or let me down. (I know...sappy. But I had to say it) Thank you all for the awesome reviews, and Thank you Newgrounds!

P.P.S. (8/23/07) A lot of users have been asking me how long this took to make. I'm gonna post the answer on here because I'm sure a lot of you are wondering. I started actual production in the middle of March (2007) and was able to finish barely before the contest submission deadline on June 1st (2007). But that whole last month of May...whew...I was pulling off up to 38 hour shifts at a time just to get this done. I was in constant panic mode pretty much. I HOPE I never have to go through something like that again, I can't imagine what kinda unhealthy side effects could result from it. Cappuccino helped too. Weeeee, cappuccino! French Vanilla!


I didnt like it...

You have amazing artwork i admit that the way it flows is beautiful, You could of used your skill for another movie.

The choice of Aladdin 3150 was probley one of the worst choices for a movies.
The fact shes a princess and all of a sudden he just steals her is pretty lame.. i guess you can go off love at first site..

After that the fight scene was great actually liked that... but then they run... of course im assuming shes a princess... he is just walking with her like nothing has happened.. of COURSE there going to be looking for her!!!!!!

He is a great fighter but not intelligent?

Then she.. gets her neck less grabbed and she is killed? knocked out.... im not sure...

This is the part that really gets me

he transforms into

A DINOSAUR!??!?!! WTF was that all about .... IS that the ultimate transformation of human beings? or just people over there in agraba? thats pretty DAMN lame if you ask me A DINOSAUR!??? that doesn't explain Jack!!! crap

you could of gave him something else like special amour he finds I don't know SOMETHING

then there are no sound effects :( come on man you put that lame arabe music in there... that did nothing for nothing...

at least the Movie aladen used more upbeat type of music.

I give you a 5... for the fact your Art is Wonderful.. thats all i enjoyed..

Well drawn, but....

A lizard? Come on man! It'd be okay if others were like that, but Aladdin for me was cool because he was human, sure with a Genie by his side, but he was human. And also how mad can you possibly get after one day with a girl?! The flash backs were lame because of that fact. There was no order really fought. I mean yeah two thugs, big whoop, but no sneaking around the palace for love. No seeking after someone regardless of thier social status. I like how him not bowing was like a challenge and how she dug that, but aside from the quickness of him he wasn't Aladdin to me and she wasn't Jasmine and although I looked at this twice I can't let that down. Fuck your well drawn animation, that doesn't mean shit to me because you didn't get Aladdin like I do. Sure you can be like hey it's just a cartoon character, but man I grew up with things not knowing what I liked about them until people like you come around and show me and that's both a thanks and a insult I realize that. But really it dissapoints me. AMAZING anotomy, AMAZING, but the characters, the flow, the story, is so not Aladdin and I'm talking the first one not the sequel BS. So great job, but it just doesn't seem like Aladdin to me.

Physically attractive, conceptually flawed

While the technical aspects were excellently done, and a lot of time was put into the details and artwork of the world, the storyline, or lack thereof, was unbelieveable and poorly implemented. I mean, yes, you were trying to present a simplified and futuristic look at the classic Aladdin storyline. You did that. But you did it badly and with little thought to the actual details and fleshings of a good story. As an artistic example it was very nice, and your skill is obvious, but as to your ability to tell a tale you leave much to be desired. A few simple examples, why exactly was someone so revered so badly guarded? Why did the protagonist care so much about her death when they spent a single afternoon together? Why would the three muggers be so quick to kill her when she was someone of importance? About the only thing storyline-wise you did very, very well was the moment with the water, it spoke droves about the type of world the story took place in and the mindset of its inhabitants. The rest was a jumble of concepts and ideas which weren't explored well enough, even for the short length of the animation. I can only call this average.

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i dont consider this anything new or satisfying

it is well made, without a doubt, but it is not catching at all

Learn anatomy...

I'm aware of how difficult it is to draw realistic humans, but for chrissakes, there's a fucking limit. Your stupid need to indulge in "cinematic" angles makes the princess look like she has Down's Syndrome. Unless of course, this is the type of post-apocalyptic universe in which everyone's retarded. Also, apparently, the princess' hair is made of several hundred strands of thick acupuncture needles. The best part of the whole thing was the elephant animation, which I'll assume you rotoscoped. What I can't understand is that you attempt to emphasize this grim and gritty neo-futurist reality and then your protagonist turns into a fucking lizard. What is this, Sci-fi or fantasy? It doesn't matter because in any genre that would be considered moronic. The backgrounds are outstandingly simplistic compared to your overtly busy character design, which gets especially perplexing during the scene when the lizard-boy and the princess are stealing away into a dark alley. I gather that this is nothing more than a simple masturbation fantasy from a closet furry who's to embarrassed to admit his shameful fetish.

If you want to "Mickey Mouse" something, try the second movement of Bartok's concerto for orchestra. It's really fab.

FleckoGold responds:

So...Zero flashes on Newgrounds but knows more about it than me, I see a whole bunch of complaints and things I have done wrong. However, I don't see any suggestions about how you would have done it or how I could do it better. Could this be because you are as worthless as your review? As far as your beef about my protagonist goes, if the protagonist fit into society with no problems and isn't really different in any discernible way, then there would be no point in putting him in the story. A couple examples: Samurai Jack (Lo-tech in Hi-Tech world /parallel reference), and umm..... oh! anything good you have ever watched. Being that this is the future, in a world in which you know nothing about, who's to say that isn't a race of people? All you have to do is use your imagina... never mind. As far as backgrounds go, I think you were abused as a child and enjoy the ability to rant at people on the internet where someone will listen, even if they don't care. Speaking of masturbation, I know since real girls are definitely off the menu for you, it must be a big part of your life. That is probably why you chose to mention it needlessly in this review. By the way, I did draw the elephants and I'm glad you liked them. If you ever want to quit heckling from the sidelines, I'm sure I could show you a thing or two about animation. As long as we're on the subject of you and Mickey Mouse, he made better audio contributions to the world in his silent film days than any noise you've ever produced, including your submissions. Furthermore, Mickey Mouse approves of the message.


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