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Well hello Newgrounders, long time, no see. If you've wondered where I've been all this time, well, school has been sucking up my soul. I apologize for neglecting NG all this time. it feels like forever since I submitted something. This is actually my first flash submitted since I got Flash 8.

Anyways, this is an animation I made during the last semester of school at IUPUI. I originally made it for my school's biannual VisionFest contest that was being held August 16-18th of this year. Buuuut...ultimately I got beat out by an animation about bird calls. T'was a shame.

What inspired me to make this flash was actually the music, Kismet by Bond. As I was listening to it one day, I was suddenly overcome by this storyline that was going through my head as the music was playing. Kinda like watching a Fantasia short. I knew what I had to do... I have to admit, this didn't turn out as majestic as I imagined it, but I guess I'm still somewhat novice in animation. Also, some of the scenes lag a little, I'm sorry.

To get this done in time for the deadline, I acquired help from a fellow Newgrounds artist, Zombie-Pimp. He did a lot of the backgrounds and a few of the background people, he was a huge help, I dunno if I would of been able to finish before the deadline without him. Thanks, Man.

I also gotta give a big shout-out to Tom Fulp for everything (Newgrounds, increase of size limit, sponsorship), you're just...awesome. Thanks.

This flash takes place in a world after post-nuclear fallout has turned Earth into a desert planet. As a result, society is shaped accordingly and is thrown into an era resembling an Arabian setting.

Well, I'm sure you're all bored of reading all this, so go ahead and start the movie. And as always, ENJOY!


P.S. (8/21/07) I've been reading each review intensely. Each of your (fellow Newgrounders) reviews make me feel better about the past few days. I've been able to dust myself off quickly and realize that I've been able to entertain a lot of people. In a way, (I still miss that scholarship) I'm glad I lost in the VisionFest, because now I realize that I always have a place of retreat or a home here at Newgrounds and that it will never turn me away or let me down. (I know...sappy. But I had to say it) Thank you all for the awesome reviews, and Thank you Newgrounds!

P.P.S. (8/23/07) A lot of users have been asking me how long this took to make. I'm gonna post the answer on here because I'm sure a lot of you are wondering. I started actual production in the middle of March (2007) and was able to finish barely before the contest submission deadline on June 1st (2007). But that whole last month of May...whew...I was pulling off up to 38 hour shifts at a time just to get this done. I was in constant panic mode pretty much. I HOPE I never have to go through something like that again, I can't imagine what kinda unhealthy side effects could result from it. Cappuccino helped too. Weeeee, cappuccino! French Vanilla!


Just Fantastic

Squrza, I agree with what you said at the beginning. You most certainly shouldn't have approached this flash with a skeptical disposition. I watched it passively, as if it were a dream, and I found it beautiful. I was able to feel power, love, vengeance and anger. But I willingly suspended my disbelief, rather than meticulously scrutinizing every frame.

1936 vs 20X6

I watched this about a week ago and have thought about it a bit since then. I think that was my first mistake: I'm not supposed to think about this flash, just let the pretty animations, cool music and references to that storied tale (is that even a pun) wash over me. It's not really open for interpretation or deep contemplation, which is a shame because I think that it is therefore emblemic of the most celebrated flash animation these days.
Yes the graphics are technically excellent and the sound is cool and the animation is sexy as hell. Apart from a request to add some detail to some buildings in some scences, I don't have anything constructive to say here. Pretty much all seven of the seven points I awarded based on the above merits.
The story is pretty weak, I feel. It attempts to share some ties to Aladdin (the Disney version at least), but the similarities are loose as a consequence of the underdeveloped plot. I'm at this point intimately familiar with the woman-wooing, looks kinda scrawny but can own up huge guys, white male who has a secret that makes him even more bad-ass. It's pretty dull, although I suppose it's not entirely dissimilar to the original Aladdin, only more EXTREAM. The really scantily clad princess (why did she wrap her dress so that the most revealing part of it is aligned with her crotch?) who never lived until she had a man in her life falls prey to much of the same problems. Their relationship is obv logistically perplexing, as the way I understand it, they have known eachother for one afternoon and the protagonist feels that he has lost the love of his life when she dies, but I guess that's not far off from how Aladdin swings either. I guess my overall criticism of the plot is that it takes Aladdin and then guts it of all the good parts.
But wait I'm not done yet. This flash highlighted as What's Wrong With Flash Today earlier in this review, and it would be unfair to just let that comment slide without explination. This flash has been widely celebrated on Newgrounds for it's fast action and sylish looks, which I think is a shame because this flash offers nothing substancial. There is a love story, but it's not moving or relateable-to (awkward) in any way; there are sweet battles, but nothing that the protagonist is battling for. An occasional flash like this is just fine, sure, and I'm not going to make the claim that every flash should be open for interpretation like any good text and can never be Die Hard featuring Bruce Willis, but currently I see no flashes that are able to capture the same depth that is present in just about every other media. Perhaps it's unfair to scapegoat Aladdin 20X6 for this, but it didn't really factor into my score, except to the extent that I docked points for an unoriginal plot.

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This Shit Is Sick MADE!

Damn dude this has to be one of the best flashes of all time, if not THE best of all time. The animation flowed so beautifully, it brought a tear to my eye...

hope to see a sequal

i thought the storyline and animation were great. although some talking during the important parts would be a welcome change. the music was also great. i really hope to see a sequal. you could use heroes or gods from other cultures as well, or start an entire series

Crazy good

Seriously, I hope this one isn't the first and last of this. I mean, you could open up an entire galaxy through that little lamp at the end.

Make more. Or I will hunt you down and smite you. =P

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