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This is a short animation I made. I started on it just a few days ago and the process went surprisingly quickly considering how much I tend to procrastinate. I hope you enjoy it. You may have to turn your monitor contrast up as the movie is very dark. The various sound effects are from www.flashkit.com



wow.. this is like the best animator i've seen in a long time. You should be a professional. I beat off to your work

CountingSheep responds:

Um thanks... I think...


Very nice, but the sounds could have been a little more ambient. I know there's something else in my head I could say about this, but it was Good. Smoothly animated. See you in Brackenwood =p

CountingSheep responds:

Thank you StickyWicky ^^. I've never worked with sounds in flash before so it took me a while to even sync them right. I didn't know that publishing it would fix the problem so I spend a few hours switching the sounds between stream and event in preview mode. -_-

HAHA this is sOOOOO WELLLLll done

this is acutally more like a combination of the Yuyus and 3:33 also made by the same author. Man this is really nice, great style and great way to set up the whole thing. I loved it. Great flash.

CountingSheep responds:

Thank you. It does feel a bit like 3:33 but when I was making it, the first appearance of the YuYu at the end of LittleFoot is what really ran through my head.


It could of have been longer.

CountingSheep responds:

For the next one I am aiming for about 2 minutes. This one was more of an experiment with minimal lighting to see what kind of effects I could get.


was pretty good. i liked the audio and animation. could have been better (i.e a storyline and maybe a little background) but it was good. keep it up

CountingSheep responds:

I admit the kid does look a little neglected with out anything but a bed in his room. >>

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2.89 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2007
9:11 PM EDT