Disgruntled Chipmunks

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Now subtitled!
RSS proudly presents the first battle to take place over an acorn...in Flash.
Sitting around a computer one fine evening, we recorded random rubbish at high speed, and we came up with this gem. Watch and see...
Kaiser_Soze on scripts, additional ideas and voice acting, PsychoPanda on scripts, voice acting and animation.

We're also looking to make the series better so please write reviews or contact me, I really want to know the highs and lows of it.



Why was it that I found that so freaking funny though it was so freaking random!?

RabidSquirrelStudios responds:

Why thank you.



I read your review of the pen is mightier and thought you raised some decent points about art and its meaning, until i saw this load of crap you call a flash! You're telling him his shit is boring? come on man! That was downright painful near the end. I'll give you some points for initial comedy, but that wore off pretty damn quick. In the future, don't critique others flash abilities when you're most popular flash is two pictures of chipmunks with crudely drawn mouths

RabidSquirrelStudios responds:

Difference is, I know that this ain't worth much. The *cough*asshole*cough* who made The Pen is Mightier knows that too, but he milks the 'art' theory for all it's worth. I'd watch this piece of shit 40 times over before I watch that lame ass Flash again.

No one can say no to bickering squirrels.

I think if you drew the squirrels and made them move it would be
more successful even if it doesnt turn out good I bet if you messed
around with drawing and animation it could improve.

acorns are much sought-after

Two disgruntled chipmunks argue over a delcious acorn. The artwork is literally non-existant, as the chipmunks are just two images with moving jaws. The audio is the mainstay in this animation as hearing chipmunk voices argue and scream at eachother is rather funny. I liked your text box the most. It looked really good. Keep up the good work, it's a fun short.


RabidSquirrelStudios responds:

Thanks. I can relate to the crapy art-work, there wasn't a lot of work put in. Next one will be drawn though, so hopefully that'll look better.

Wow, great

Yeh boredom etc. does this sometimes but that was pretty crap for my taste, though other people may disagree.

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2.12 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2007
6:25 AM EDT
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