The Mad Random Collab

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Well here it is the random collab...
this actually took alot of work and was created when we were watching a movie were people were saying things that would be random and we added some..

here are the songs incase any 1 wants 2 no
Living in the sunshine- Tiny Tim
Smokeing song- Lil white
Turning Japaneese - The Vapors
How we do- Game and 50 cent
We can dance- men without hats
Dk rap- DonkeyKong for nintendo 64



Existing, just for the sake of existing, is never a good thing.

Next time, perhaps something with actual substance should be submitted.

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Meth09 responds:

Existing, just for the sake of existing, is never a good thing.

doesnt every one exist just to exist


Just putting in decent songs is no excuse to make a flash this bad. Seriously. My eyes are stinging a bit after watching this 'work'

Meth09 responds:

Thats What She Said


just not pleasant at all. I felt a little sick after watching. at least u let ppl know about the hp spolier. but it just did not go well 4 me. sorry.

Meth09 responds:

If that got you sick..... You live a very sheltered life..

that was crappy...

unless its your first submission.you should:
1. make better graphics
2. dont put all these buttons and put all the content in one single movie. It's a movie, not a game!
3. I dunno if u put the age rating (every1, teen or adult) but if yes, i think this fit better in everyone

Meth09 responds:

Your Crappy

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2.35 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2007
12:30 AM EDT
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