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Gravity Vortex 2

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Your ship is out of gas and you bailed out as it decends towards a crash landing. You have been sucked into a vortex and you must use your ability to shift gravity as an advantage to dodge objects that will harm you.
Some objects can be destroyed with you laser.

Spacebar to shift gravity
Left Mouse click to fire.

15 levels of funfilled action!


it would be fun

nut it is very laggy causing me to always die

More features

I only got to level 4...I dont' know if I just suck or anyone else think you can't shit in enough time.
It needs more features but it has potential.

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Eh, okay...

It's a good concept...but you kinda left a few good things out... How good are you at ragdoll physics? Maybe you could make a game where the arrow keys control the gravity, and you have to reach a goal while going through a big maze with plenty of things that make rag dolls fun...and a time limit.

Nothing new, but not bad

This style of game is not one that is new. Granted, things could be improved upon, but I'll give this a 6.

nothing new

basically this idea has been done many many times before in different forms..i did enjoy the music selection though

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3.23 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2007
6:20 PM EDT
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