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Full title: Adolf Hitler in Catching ('em) All in 493+ Days

A spinoff from the 'Adolf Hitler in Around the World in 80 Days' series. This series follows Adolf Hitler on his Pokémon journey as he attempts to complete his Pokédex.

What? BULBASAUR is evolving!


Leave a review, I respond to all (eventually).



I didn't really get it. Is it a music video or something? I did like the selection for audio. I'll see if there are any more.

AfroUnderscoreStud responds:

There are any more :3


Wow, Hitler is an excellent trainer! It's beyond me how he's able to catch a Bulbasaur and evolve it to its final form in a mere two days. If that's not true love, then I don't know what is.

It was a very touching tale of love and companionship. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

AfroUnderscoreStud responds:

A giant robot Venusaur was at the amusement park in Island of the Giant Pokémon.

The first time a real Venusaur made an appearance was in Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden. It was leading an evolution ceremony.

In Mewtwo Strikes Back, a Venusaur named "Brute Root" was captured and cloned by Mewtwo.

Drake of the Orange Islands used a Venusaur in his battle against Ash in Enter The Dragonite.

An artist has a Venusaur as a long-time friend, which he used to battle Team Rocket in The Light Fantastic.

A Venusaur was seen in a Pokémon Center in Moving Pictures.

When Team Rocket was working at a Pokémon Park in One Trick Phony, they used a Venusaur in a battle against Ash's Cyndaquil as part of an elaborate plan to capture Ash's Pikachu.

In Grass Hysteria May got lost in the Forbidden Forest, which was ruled by a Venusaur.

As seen in Numero Uno Articuno, one of the Pokémon Noland offers for challengers to battle is a Venusaur. However, Ash instead chose to battle Articuno.

Jeremy used a Venusaur that knew Frenzy Plant in the second half of the Silver Town Pokémon Contest in Weekend Warrior. Jeremy's Venusaur came very close to defeating May's Combusken, but the Young Fowl Pokémon came through and pulled off a come-from-behind victory.

Spenser's Venusaur debuted in Cutting the Ties that Bind. Spencer had Venusuar use Sweet Scent to drive away the angry Beedrill. Venusaur was the second Pokémon that the Palace Maven used in his battle with Ash in Ka Boom with a View. The Seed Pokémon defeated Ash's Heracross and lost to Ash's Swellow.

Yay, Venusaur!

We saw Bulbasaur evolving into Ivysaur and now Ivysaur evolved into Venusaur. The evolution thing is really great and so is the plant on Hitler's back just like Ivysaur, but better. The music, well, I was hoping you'd use the "I'm Your Venus" song, but meh, if you don't have the song, there isn't much you can do. Still, this flash rocks and I look forward to seeing Charmander tomorrow.


AfroUnderscoreStud responds:

Venusaur (Japanese: Fushigibana) is a Grass/Poison-type Pokémon.

Venusaur comes with the Ability Overgrow, which increases the power of Grass-type attacks by 50% once the Pokémon has less than one-third of its maximum HP.

Venusaur evolves from Ivysaur starting at Level 32.

Venusaur is the version mascot of both Pokémon Green and Pokémon LeafGreen, appearing on the boxart of both.



They are considerably larger and heavier than both of its pre-evolution cousins, and as such it moves slower than the two. However, its special attacks are faster than ever, as the plant on its back has now reached its final stage and flowered. It is also able to charge at its enemies to gain speed, then perform moves such as Skull Bash and Body Slam with a force more powerful than a speeding armored truck. It also has an incredible leap for such a heavy pokémon, and its able to dodge attacks and jump across close rock formations. Its only downside is that its weight causes a small quake as it lands, which can break the platform its trying to land on, or cause it to get buried in mud or sand.

Gender differences

The female has a "seed" protruding from its flower; possibly representing a pregnant Venusaur.

Special abilities

As with its pre-evolutions, most of Venusaur's attacks are involved with the plant on its back; but the attacks are clearly stronger than those from Bulbasaur and Ivysaur. Venusaur is also capable of causing Earthquakes. Since Venusaur is a fully evolved Pokémon (and the final evolution of a Grass-typed Starter Pokémon for that matter), it can use Hyper Beam, Giga Impact and Frenzy Plant.


Rarely in the wild, Venusaur usually lead the evolution rituals every year, away from human eyes. A trainer needs to be well-experienced when around Venusaur.

They still have a loyalty streak, though this isn't much seen, since most Venusaur act as the trainer's bodyguard and is rarely abandoned, if ever. For some unknown reason, possibly of age, Venusaur are very solitary, even after being caught.


Venusaur's natural habitat seems to consist of plains with access to large amounts of sunshine and fresh water.


Venusaur gets most, if not all, of its energy from the flower on its back. The flower engages in photosynthesis, which provides energy for the Venusaur. Due to this, it prefers sunny areas. It is unknown if Venusaur have to eat at all.

For unexplained reasons, Venusaur in the recent 3D games have bloodshot eyes.


Venusaur remembles the dinosaurs of the Triassic period, as do its pre-evolutions Bulbasaur and Ivysaur.

Name origin

Venusaur's name is a combination of the words venus and saur, which is Greek for lizard. Its Japanese name is a pun on fushigi na hana, strange flower.

This one was good!

Well, it seems like Adolf Hilter is wearing a Venasaur suit. The Venasaur suit looked pretty good on Hilter and the green color mixed really well with Hilters figure. The audio in this flash was very entertaining and I liked hearing it. It's cool to see that his adventure will go to Charmander next. I can't wait too see what Hilter would look like tomorrow. Anyways, this flash was entertaining for the time being and I liked it. Overall, this flash was good and I enjoyed watching this! Good Work Afro dude! :D

-Voted 4!


AfroUnderscoreStud responds:



Its fully evoled but the adventure is only begining :D i gave it a 5! im a supporter!

AfroUnderscoreStud responds:

Swell <3

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Aug 18, 2007
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