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Shame by the Slice 2

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(update 8/24/07) Hey all. Check my userpage from time to time in the following months to see progress on SAMV. I will most likely do an update tonight. Thanks for all your support, stay cool.

Hello everyone, and thanks for looking at Shame by the Slice 2! I'm proud of how this turned out, and I hope you all enjoy it.

***I respond to all reviews. Even if it gets 1000 reviews, I will respond to them all.***

Thanks to everyone who reviewed part 1! I got a lot of great feedback, and a lot of it I really found useful. I tightened up the timing, made some subtle changes and added a playhead and scene select to this feature. Things my other toons could have really used.

Thanks, of course, to all my friends and family who kept me working on this. And to Newgrounds!

So, enjoy this chunk of my life while I go fetch a beer.


I had originally planned to have a lot more easter eggs, but I literally ran out of frames. Scenes just froze up. Oh well, I'll have to make a blooper reel or something.

THREE ENDINGS!!! Admittedly, they are a little similar.

The original file was so complex that I could not export a .swf file as my computer ran out of RAM. I had to pare down the library until I could get it to compile.


Good work

I found this be funny and entertaining, and not funny as in funny because it's random bullshit you didn't expect but more old fashioned funny that we don't see a lot of lately. Well anyways good job and keep it up

BaconMask responds:

Thank you for the thoughtful review!

Great animation!

The movements of the character's Eyes, Lips, Mount, and overall body parts was very fluid and smooth. One thing that really irritates me is how it froze halfway through....but...anyways, it was funny, looking forward to #3!

BaconMask responds:

It did? Hmmm... I'll check into that. Thanks!


This may be funny to some people but to me Its just disgusting and really weird.

BaconMask responds:

Well... I guess on some level I am pleased with this review.

great man

that was great. i kind wanted to see that fat girl(astma right?) do
a hadoken on floating manger. just had a feeling of it.
oh and why is floating manger name floating manger? why not replacement
manger? ah well great work.

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BaconMask responds:

I cannot divulge that information. Well... because he's kind of a drifter I guess. I don't really have an answer. =/

Thanks for watching!

Glad to see you back in the game!

Keep up the good work!

BaconMask responds:

Right on, thanks a lot!

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3.94 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2007
1:27 AM EDT
Comedy - Original