The Myth Of Sisyphus

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Also! before you watch it, its probably wise to turn your volume down as the excessive grunt noises can give off the wrong impression to people who aren't watching the visuals...better yet! just mute it!!!
EDIT: Since alot of you don't know the myth and so don't really understand it, here is a brief explanation;
The Myth Of Sisyphs is about a man condemned by the gods to push a boulder up a mountain for eternity, never able to reach the top. There's much more to it than that but that should be all you need to know ;)
EDIT: Look at my news post for the character design basis of sisyphus, it's the image i based the character design on!
I was partly Inspired by the work of Adam Phillips, i learnt alot of animation techniques from his work and this has resulted in a few similarities of style, i'm a huge fan of his and im not trying to rip him off, nextime you'll see something different from me anyway :D
*EDIT* frontpage and brackenwood collection thank you!!!!
Many of you have been saying that it's just a brackenwood ripoff and aren't giving it a fair chance but it should be completely different, though my style may be similar the character is actually based on an old original drawing of sisyphus from the myth so sorry for any resemblence!!! :)
WOOHOO Daily 3rd! Watch the credits 'cause the animation ain't over till its over!
(Just want to mention that i am reading every each one of your reviews! keep em coming! It makes it all worth it !!:D)
SO, here it is!!! my first BIG animation! and when i say big i mean you hopefully won't be complaining that the animations too short or the fact that i had to cut like a whole scene out because the file size exceeded the limit..dammit.... This animation is totally FBF which i always do 'cause i hate untraditional animation like tweens, ect;
My usual rant/analysis/review thing will now be on my userpage so go check it out after you've watched it! Big thanks to the Kartunehustla for help with the audio syncing! This took me about 3 months for the animation in total, but the first month was spent on the first 3 cuts WITH A MOUSE, but then i got a tablet and it all sped up. a month was spent on audio and then about a week was spent trying to fix loads of problems in with the audio. Here's a few quick facts!
RUNTIME: WAS, exactly 6mins 0.6secs, but with the cuts it's now about 5mins 30secs approx;
FRAMES: WERE, 7212, but with cuts probably 7100 approx;

Sorry but i couldn't make a quality adjustment option, i'm absolutely useless with actionscript... so it might lag on a few scenes depending wether you have a bit of a crappy PC or not... Hope you like it!!



From such similarity from Adam's work, I just simply agree with RawrJeff. Who knows? Just keep working on it and you just might surpass Adam's work one day. This piece of work should be in the Brackenwood collection. I enjoyed it very much! Outstanding job! ^^

CatFat responds:

I hope i don't surpass him, because then who will i have to look up to?
thanks for the review :)

Sound effects...

You obviously put a lot of effort in making this look good and it certainly does : )
I agree you can very well see where the resemblance to Adam Phillips' work, although he gets absolutely ever detail right. Your flash looked slightly more... - "scribbly" for lack of a better word. The drawings just weren't as smooth, but that's probably intended. But it doesn't matter, it looked great in its own way.

If one thing bothered me, then it would be the sound effects. There were a few obvious looping sounds in there that got somewhat annoying, and the sounds weren't always just right to fit with the animation.

That's just some of the good and bad, constructive criticism, you know ;)

But I did like it. This is among the best stuff on NG.
Keep it up :)

CatFat responds:

Thank you, i suppose i do have a scribbly sort'a style, i prefer it. Thank for the constructive criticism.
Much appreciated


I can see that u put a lot of effort in this !! and by that I mean that the story is funny
the grpahics were nice( the shadings were the best ) and the sounds...
Its good this movie came in the Brackenwood collections! well done!

CatFat responds:

I'm glad that you enjoyed it!


U think those charcter are to hard for you to animate, the moves those charcter does is wierd. anyway is looks good!

CatFat responds:

I never said it was hard..


a style to the point where your charcter resembles one of Adam Phillips is ridiculous.
I'm all for taking inspiration from other sources, but that was just ridiculous.

CatFat responds:

He's a caveman not bitey

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Aug 16, 2007
2:38 PM EDT
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