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The Myth Of Sisyphus

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Also! before you watch it, its probably wise to turn your volume down as the excessive grunt noises can give off the wrong impression to people who aren't watching the visuals...better yet! just mute it!!!
EDIT: Since alot of you don't know the myth and so don't really understand it, here is a brief explanation;
The Myth Of Sisyphs is about a man condemned by the gods to push a boulder up a mountain for eternity, never able to reach the top. There's much more to it than that but that should be all you need to know ;)
EDIT: Look at my news post for the character design basis of sisyphus, it's the image i based the character design on!
I was partly Inspired by the work of Adam Phillips, i learnt alot of animation techniques from his work and this has resulted in a few similarities of style, i'm a huge fan of his and im not trying to rip him off, nextime you'll see something different from me anyway :D
*EDIT* frontpage and brackenwood collection thank you!!!!
Many of you have been saying that it's just a brackenwood ripoff and aren't giving it a fair chance but it should be completely different, though my style may be similar the character is actually based on an old original drawing of sisyphus from the myth so sorry for any resemblence!!! :)
WOOHOO Daily 3rd! Watch the credits 'cause the animation ain't over till its over!
(Just want to mention that i am reading every each one of your reviews! keep em coming! It makes it all worth it !!:D)
SO, here it is!!! my first BIG animation! and when i say big i mean you hopefully won't be complaining that the animations too short or the fact that i had to cut like a whole scene out because the file size exceeded the limit..dammit.... This animation is totally FBF which i always do 'cause i hate untraditional animation like tweens, ect;
My usual rant/analysis/review thing will now be on my userpage so go check it out after you've watched it! Big thanks to the Kartunehustla for help with the audio syncing! This took me about 3 months for the animation in total, but the first month was spent on the first 3 cuts WITH A MOUSE, but then i got a tablet and it all sped up. a month was spent on audio and then about a week was spent trying to fix loads of problems in with the audio. Here's a few quick facts!
RUNTIME: WAS, exactly 6mins 0.6secs, but with the cuts it's now about 5mins 30secs approx;
FRAMES: WERE, 7212, but with cuts probably 7100 approx;

Sorry but i couldn't make a quality adjustment option, i'm absolutely useless with actionscript... so it might lag on a few scenes depending wether you have a bit of a crappy PC or not... Hope you like it!!


Really good!

This was very good, maybe not Adam Philips good, but a decent beginning towards that. I liked the visuals but I thought the sound was a tiny bit monotonous. Still, it's really great and deserves a high score. One word of advice though, to make character bonding easier, on has to be able to see the eyes!

Good job!

CatFat responds:

Good advice, thanks mate!!


Well that was a very good film that i enjoyed ;) this should be a very good film for anybody to watch if you want to see a good little film about a man trying to push the rock up the hill(use a truck or sumtin' god lol) well all in all its funny and entertaining and you did a good job (feral breed just had a guy rape him before he saw this movie) lol well nice job and congrats on makin this ^.^

CatFat responds:

aww thanks man, thats nice to hear after such a depressing review below ^^


You probably wont reign anything. Because this movie was stupid. It was boooriiing, plus, associations to Bitey are obvious. , hehe...

Out of the myth of Sisyphus could have gotten out so much more. But you made a boring little film with literally no action, dum scenes with no idea what's happening whatsoever and spiced the whole thing with childish humor and bad voiceacting. I know you said to mute it but...

Sorry for being so merciless but maybe after seeing Khale and Bitey this just ain't nothin'... but it ain't just that. Even when not trying to compete with them this is still rubbish. Better luck next time pal... <:)

CatFat responds:

wow, what crawled up your arse and died...
even if you found it so rubish you still could've had the decency to give a slightly better and less hateful review for the months of effort i put into this, i was only a noob man...seriously ..harsh
also you make no sense and thus your opinion is void, there is certainly something more than the animation driving your ridiculous moaning, i can see this through the fact that you use such things as 'hehe' and ;<:)' which obvioulsy means you get cheap thrills out of this because you actually believe i care..man your pathetic, rather than giving you the attention of a long response as i have to point out your childishness and patheticness, i really should just skeen you ^_^

pretty good

but it looks like a take off of bracken wood the guys head is all furry and he has those grunting noises but still very good

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CatFat responds:

it was just a bad concept design on my part, he was supposed to be very hairy/unshaven, long beard long hair etc, just ended up too similar to bitey i guess


The style kinda reminded me of Adam Phillips, only somewhat less advanced.
Nice work, I liked the awesome voiceacting and the really hairy guy.
Shortly, Its good, but not at the top (yet). Ill watch the newer ones now.

CatFat responds:

Thanks dor the kind comments,
One day i shall reign supreme...ONE DAY!!!

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4.12 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2007
2:38 PM EDT
Comedy - Original