Megaman X: 'the MB'

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When X, Zero and Axl are getting bored... What are Mavericks doing?

Whew! This is finally freaking done! But please, give it time to load since it's almost 7 minutes long (+46,3 seconds long credits).
Well, this was really fun to do and my best flash so far for a reason.
This was supposed to be released earlier but I couldnt finish it that quickly but well, at least it's here now!

Take some popcorns and enjoy!

This couldnt have done without help of these people:
HoodHustla - Zero
ZenkaiKenny - Sigma
DarkSide555 - Signas, Vile, Bartender and Narrator

(Im voicing X myself, heh)


Awkward moments department!

Boredom sucks, don't it?

-sound quality may need cleanup
-voice acting needs amplifying
-movie pace is slow (for my liking)

-some days, not making sense is a good thing
-this series shows some promise

Verdict: Keep trying!

(I only played the first three Rockman/Megaman X games...Did Capcom really make Axl look like (s)he's of questionable gender?)

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Shadowii2 responds:

Yes, it does.

My thoughts of your bads:
-Yeah, agreed
-Agreed also
-Well, I made it that fast so it's pretty hard to make it better anymore

My thoughts of your goods:
-Heh, I agree, expecially with something like "Dad's at work" etc.

And of course I keep trying!

(Hmm... Kind of, mostly because (s)he sounds a girl in the last cutscene in Mega Man X8 in english version, or was it japanese version? Heh, dont remember correctly.)

Could've been better.

I Feel The animation Wasnt Good.... No Funny Things , i just like the beat where Axl , Weakling , beat the hell out of the mavericks , so i will give you a 6... and a 3 on the 0-5..

Shadowii2 responds:

I appreciate your opinion.


good movie, I have already watched the other movies on youtube.com, make more movies, pleasee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shadowii2 responds:

hehe, thanks!
And of course I will be making more movies but I gotta work on my other projects for now though

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4.33 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2007
1:01 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody