Megaman X: 'the MB'

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When X, Zero and Axl are getting bored... What are Mavericks doing?

Whew! This is finally freaking done! But please, give it time to load since it's almost 7 minutes long (+46,3 seconds long credits).
Well, this was really fun to do and my best flash so far for a reason.
This was supposed to be released earlier but I couldnt finish it that quickly but well, at least it's here now!

Take some popcorns and enjoy!

This couldnt have done without help of these people:
HoodHustla - Zero
ZenkaiKenny - Sigma
DarkSide555 - Signas, Vile, Bartender and Narrator

(Im voicing X myself, heh)


very nice

its good...but isnt Vile supposed to be purple?

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Shadowii2 responds:

He is supposed to look purple in Mega Man X1, but not in X8.

OH NO! IT'S SIGMA!......Again.XD

I found that and this one funny : X:aaah! *throws teddy bear at Sigma* Sig: Aaah! Teddybears thrown at me! My only weakness!....For now.. *falls* *gets back up* Sig:Hahaha! I'm back to get my revenge! *some evil laughter* Sig: So...what's the time? Z: Hmm? Sorry, no record. Sig: Aaaw.. LOL! I hope the next installment (note:Of the series, not the one after this ep. Of ep 4..i think) will be as funny as always, because most megaman funnies ( except a few like megaman pompous robots and Woodman is incredible) don't get any better than this! (Hope there are no typo's in this review ^^)

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This is gggggggggoooooooooooooooooddddddddddd

This is the funniest mm parody i seen eevveerr

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Shadowii2 responds:

Heh, glad ya liked.

Can I say LUL?


*Mavericks get pwned by Axl*

Axl: You can call me a boy and you can call me a girl,but NEVER CALL ME A WEAKLING!

Vile: Ouch..I suggest we should run away

Siggy: YOURE DARMN RITE TIS TIEM VEILE!! RETEREAT!!!!!!!!!!1111111111!!!!!!!

X: Wow..I'm impressed..

Zero: This..doesn't make any sense! WEAKLING..beat the Mavericks?!

Axl: .......................WHAT?!

Zero: Oh...crap ^^'

I lol'd at that oh btw X was the only one that didn't get pwned XD

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Shadowii2 responds:

Lol, technically DJ Dynamo and the otehr partying mavericks didn't get beaten up either.
Thanks for the review!


X has a funny voice, so does axl

btw: in the part where the hunters were playing cards when axl sain X was cheating you spelled card "crad" i just wanted to let you know

Shadowii2 responds:

Yeah, it's a known typo. Just too lazy to fix that, it's pretty small typo afterall.

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Aug 16, 2007
1:01 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody