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A Clicky Game

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This game is real hard i dont expect alot to beat it.
Cuz trust me alot will need it :)

G'luck and Enjoy:

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3rd worst game ever!
ps: second worse is yours also

This wasn't a game, it was an unrewarding chore.

As stated, this was not a game, and even if it were it would not be much fun at all. There was no reward for winning, the graphics looked like they were thrown together at the last minute, and overall I get the impression that this entire affair was created solely for the purpose of deriving some sick pleasure at imagining countless users with furrowed brows frantically clicking their mouse.

"I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul." (line from Billy Madison)

It could be better. Read this.

Overall I actually thought the concept of the game was quite good. A few suggestions would be:
1) Make it so that you start over back at the beginning if you press tab.
2) Improve on the graphics some so that it is more appealing.
3) Add some interesting game twists like:
A. a timer on some levels (don't make it ridiculous though. ) You'd have to start over at the beginning if the timer runs out and you haven't clicked the right one.
B. maybe a level with fast moving targets bouncing all over.
C. levels where there is one odd target that doesn't look like the others, and you have a limited number of clicks (say...3)
D. Only a few targets (like 5 or 6) with one different colored one, and they all pop in and out of existence/ warp to different places, only lasting visibly for like a 3rd of a second.
E) levels where the targets are camouflaged into he level. (but not invisible.)
F) levels where there is a radar like effect, so that the screen is dark except a thin band of dim light rotating around. You would only be able to click on targets when they were under the light.
Ok. so anyway, the concept is great but the ideas are somewhat lacking. I understand that this is your first submission, but I really look forward to seeing this improved. Of course the ideas above are just examples or guidelines. This is YOUR game after all, not mine. Incorporate as many or as little of my ideas as you want, after all, they're free to take. And please think of your own ideas.
(Hopefully) I got the ball rolling though. Good luck!



Horrible ending for a gae that was so "hard". It's just impossible half of it. Doesn't deserve to go through.
After seeing "YOU WIN" i really hope this gets blamed. Work on this.

nice game

but holy crap level 8 was hard!!!

Credits & Info

3.10 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2007
8:55 AM EDT