Head in a Watercooler!

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Yea, don't really get it myself, I was just passing out one night and this crazey idea for a reality/hidden camera show popped into my head. And at that moment, I knew there was only one network who would answer the call...

Didn't take long to make, but I sure worked hard, so vote fairly, or don't, be gay like that, I can't stop you...

Either way, if you wanna review me, I'll try my damndest to respond. Hope you like it, and who knoes, mabey I'll get a cheap laugh out of someone. Might even be you. 0.0


Damn FOX

10/10 just for the poke at FOX. *Misses Arrested Development*

But it was also pretty funny.


I can't say it wasn't good and u even stated that you didn't undertsandwhat it was about but u took your own time to make it for a couple minutes worth of entertainment good job.

hahaha, this made me LOL

honestly, i don't know why stuff like this doesn't make the front page... SO funny, and very well done. just be careful not to get sued by fox, they're DICKS.

Great Job

Gave me a chuckle and I probably would watch it on Fox. Given you more points, for the sick humor...... keep it up

TheMillz responds:

Hey alrite man, that's what I like to hear! :D 8/10? Your too kind. Seriously, I have serious projects I spent much more time on that have seen worse scores. Guess I found a new formula...

Yarr harrrr

Hehehe after literally 45 blams today this is the first thing im going to vote 5, original, witty and overall good animation, although the cop drinking the water was technically a Simpson joke omg :O but nevertheless Fox deserves a few beatings for canceling firefly! grrr

TheMillz responds:

Cool man, someone elnse out there caught that ;) Thanks for sparing me a blam. I sure would hope the concept was original, because like I said, I was nearly asleep when it just popped into my head. Glad to see I didn't stumble awake and write it down for nothing! Thanks for watching and reviewing!

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3.75 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2007
3:26 AM EDT
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