KidneyClock Is Da King!

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Happy Clock Day all!

Hope it was great and you got everything you wanted!

I will reply to all reviews so feel free to leave a review!


Klawcs Sha|| Roole 5/5 +5/5

fulp is ev*l

harryjarry responds:

:') you brought tears to my eyes! :')


Totally rad!

So who's Kidney? Another one of your alts? ;)

I may not know KidneyClock, but I certainly did enjoy this flash about him. Because really, what's there not to like? The music was cool, the drawings were nice, and it had a good concept. It was good stuff.

The Clocks should be happy for having such an awesome tribute made for them. Excellent contribution, Joel! <3

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harryjarry responds:

KidneyClock is really Kidney Joe, he just wanted to be a clock for Clock Day :)

I am glad you enjoyed watching this flash! I tried to make it as likeable as possible, it must have worked!

The Clocks are probably going wild from seeing this! I have been getting tons of emails and PMs telling me to make more!

Thanks for the review Jake! <333333333333333333333333333333333333 3333333

Best Clock Day Flash!

There is nothing bad about this! Could look at it forever!

The music is great and Kidney Clock is looking top-notch!

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harryjarry responds:

I was thinking the exact same thing while watching it!

You couldn't be more right my good sir.

Ok lolwut?

I don't know if everyone below me are just trolling, but this is just one frame right O.o or am I doing somethign wrong here XD- 10 for the lolz.

harryjarry responds:

Frames are in the eye of the beholder! <3


Looks kind of like me, which makes me feel all warm inside.

harryjarry responds:

Glad to make you feel that way :)

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4.49 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2007
11:30 PM EDT