Tomas et la Fraise

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Happy Clock Day my tiny children.

P.S. I don't speak enough French to understand all of these reviews so you might as well post in English, you guys! Or you could post in Thai or Russian.


Define: fonte

To answer Flaxo, "Fonte" also means a group of similar characters or symbols, translated as "font" (e.i. : Times New Roman is a font). Clock crew is a font of flash creation.

Munglai responds:

That wasn't what I meant but that's a nice way of thinking about it anyway.


C'etait merveilleux, vraiement, parce vous faites une flash comme ça sur une site d'anglais. vraiement tous les gents des Etas uni ne sait rien de vous ecrit. Je l'adore que vous ecrivez. Moi même, je suis de Belguique, je ne parle pas si bien. Mais le fait mon mieux :p. Le mieux pour toi, et svp fait encore des bon flash comme ça !!!


I liked it.

It was so beautiful

Outstanding work

It's not often you find work this well put together. For those that may have missed the point of this; First The main character Thomas plants a seed, lets imagine this seed is newgrounds.com. Then a bunch of crap and garbage grows from this tree but then one fruit blossoms with a new hope and saves Thomas, this was old SC. They have some good times and chill then SC gives new life to the tree that Thomas planted but his memory and his spirit (in the figurative form of his clock and the litteral form of the now famous "Clock crew") lives on.

Beautiful work = )

Munglai responds:

Or it could just be about a little boy who plants a tree and makes friends with a strawberry but I leave it open to interpretation!

{Interesting and very philosophical title here}

I believe you made an error on "cette fonte est bonne". I think what you meant was "cette police est bien" (This font is nice)

Anyways great movie; it was gay-ish but the animation and music was great.

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4.13 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2007
11:19 PM EDT
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