Tomas et la Fraise

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Happy Clock Day my tiny children.

P.S. I don't speak enough French to understand all of these reviews so you might as well post in English, you guys! Or you could post in Thai or Russian.



Tom looks so cute in this. I do enjoy all this deified SBC, even though he was just a stupid guy, without him, there wouldn't be half of what there is today.


It's not often you see a movie with this much depth on NG.
Usually people make these types of flash and they are meaningless, but this is a great use of symbolism and great storytelling.

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Great, you hav a lovely imagination!

I loved the way the strawberry exploded and became the leaves at the end, the music was nice and the graphics were great. I think you spoiled it by ading french, but meh well it sorta works well with the style of the music, well done :D

Munglai responds:

Are you some kind of racist or something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

c'était merveilleux!

the first and only movie for the clock day i`ve ever seen. it reminds me of the movies of the ARTÈ channel!

If you don't speak enough french to respond...

... then why write the text in the movie in French? This is an english speaking site, so you would have more people understanding what the text means if you had written it in English.

The animation was nice, and the graphics were good.

Munglai responds:

Because French is a pretty language and the movie was really French feeling even without the writing.

Plus I didn't really want people to understand what I'd written because it really wasn't anything that special and also it's fun to put stuff that Newgrounds people don't understand in movies because some of them get really upset about it.

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4.13 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2007
11:19 PM EDT
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