Tomas et la Fraise

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Happy Clock Day my tiny children.

P.S. I don't speak enough French to understand all of these reviews so you might as well post in English, you guys! Or you could post in Thai or Russian.



boring, pointless but good animations

Munglai responds:

I find a lot of stuff on Newgrounds boring, pointless and has bad animation, so I guess one out of three isn't bad!

Fantastic animation!

This was one of the best ClockDay submissions this year and it deserves both the front page spot and the great score, if not better. This movie was touching as well, who knew StrawberryClock could be so kind :P?

My favourite part about this submission was definitely the animation itself. It was very smooth and didnt skip a single beat in the movements. That is to say the movements were very detailed, and seemed to be all there rather than missing parts or being generally choppy. Another thing I liked about it is the effort because while ClockDay does boil down to spamming the portal and receiving free protection points, it is like a breath of fresh air when you see a genuinely good submission. It was interesting how you portrayed the king of the portal himself, StrawberryClock; as a friendly character rather than a crazy talking fruit who swears a lot (no offense King:P).

Basically, this was a unique and touching flash and I really enjoyed it. Way to go on making one of the best ClockDay submissions this year!

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Beautiful work mr. munglaig.

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Tres magnifique!

Very artistic I found it great, for a clockday video.

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That has to be THE BEST story of the portal ever.

I absoletely loved this piece of yours. It has to be the very best NG reference in the world.

If you have no idea of the backstory of NG its still lovely with its whimisical style, pleasing art, and good music choice. Understanding NG however, we can see that little Tom planted the portal one day which grew to be a magnificent place but it held some unpleasant surprises! Poorly concieved flash submissions, flame wars, and more - it almost killed poor Tom until our saviour, Strawberry came to save Tom and his portal. He showed him the magic of the internet but sadly had to go away to make the portal a better place.

I sure hope I didn't get that entierly wrong :P Regardless, this was a wonderful masterpiece. I loved every second of it. :D

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4.13 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2007
11:19 PM EDT
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