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w00t im in a collection. thank you all who submitted me to the clock day 2007.
another clock crew flash submitted.Its called "strawberry's car" search it up.

Its clock day 2007 and strawberry clock wants to submit a clock day flash,Will it get front page? watch and find out.

oh and your gona need flash player 8 to view or the movie will be screwed up.And sorry about the clock characters,its the best i could do at them.Go easy on the comments and vote 5! ;) Oh and sorry if the talk arrow was still going when things stoped talking.But its probley your computer if it does that,


Cute. :P

It was like a lower tier version of the original Strawberry/Turd clock flash movies just not as good animation but the funny was still there especially when Strawberry Clock got on the computer to submit his silly little flash,nice job.

Another lame submission.

It's not so much that this submission was bad in anyway I just found that this submission had nothing special to it. The graphics were nice and some of the humour was good, but a lot of stuff was overused and a lot of it came as forced attempts at being funny. The story really wasn't good in anyway at all, and I just did not like it.

that was funny!

that was funny!

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
I thought the best part was the scene with TurdClock and how SBC's mood changed dramatically right after that.

^^Needs Improving^^
It really wasn't that impressive. The jokes were kind of lame, and you definitely overused that picture of that weird black guy.

Hey dude

Thnx for using my music much appreciated

Nice flash, voted 5 o' course

Hope you'll consider using my music again some time :D

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3.93 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2007
8:24 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody