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CC - Execution

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Carrot Clock kills Strawberry Clock. What fun. The shortness of this Flash is due to it being rushed.

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Sad. :(

Not cool on having Strawberry Clock getting bluntly murdered especially on Clock Day,good animation to it but the morals we're wrong and sad. :(

Irk responds:

don't be sad its all in good fun.

Bang bang bang

This suck make it longer AND MAKE IT ORIGINSL

From what I saw..

Well from what I saw I found this submission to actually be quite good. The graphics were detailed and smooth and really did the job they were meant to do. The storyline was simple and quick and it really personified the whole happy clock crew day. For the most part I enjoyed this submission, good work.

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
Definitely a strange way to celebrate Clock Day...having SBC shot... Anyway, I thought the best part was definitely the very unique clock drawings. You did your own drawing, which I thought looked great.

^^Needs Improving^^
Really no storyline or plot to it. Would have been nice if you had led up to this a little bit or something. Carrot Clock is a loyal clock, why would he just shoot SBC like that?

heh heh

cool, i liked it.