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PatriotClock is Lazy

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It wasn't exactly terrible

But it wasn't good either.
It seemed very plain how it was just one scene of two clocks on a couch then the letter B.
The clocks were drawn nicely.
So that's why it's not terrible.
But you still should've done better.

Haha ok.

It's quite obvious that you're lazy by watching this flash considering it was just one scene of two clocks just watching TV,not terrible but not that good either.


I find it funny how the majority of the loading screen you can already see the frame there. I found this to be done rather crudely and lamely, but not in a bad way, more of a funny "i don't care" type of way, and that's always the good way. There wasn't anything other then the frame, but the message was sent across loud and clear. Good job.

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
Ah, another person that got lazy prior to clock day. Not a bad product however. I liked the facial expressions of the two. Completely different...

^^Needs Improving^^
Laziness obviously has its downsides as well. Obviously, there really isn't much to look at here. Just a loop and then B. Would have liked to see more of a movie from you.

That was lazy and funny!

up there^