Greyclock is black

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Please note: This flash is not racist but merely demonstrates (and parodies) stereotypical racism against African Americans.

Any complaints should be directed towards http://greyclock.newgroun ds.com

Enjoy the movie!


Oh man

Until now I thought all your movies were shit.
This has officially disproved me.

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Well I found that this submission really wasn't that great at all. I mean it wasn't terrible in general, it just failed to really grasp my attention. It seemed like the majority of this submission was more like immature jokes by young kids then anything else, I mean I understand the need to splurge, but still. The graphics in this submission were really quite dull and the sheer lack of fulltime animation also was rather lame too. The story itself really wasn't original or funny at all, but it did remind me of one Recess episode... Nontheless this really did not have a lot of great things about it.

Good points.
1. Clock crew- when it's part of a really big group you expect ether pure crap or really great awesomeness. Yeh.

Bad points.
1. It was short- I found it to be a bit short overall and it failed to get any funny across because of that.
2. Failed humour- nothing worse then groaning at crappy jokes, or just plain hating them.
3. Bad graphics- how is one supposed to enjoy something when they are looking at a pile of puke? It's a mean methaphor, but you get the point.
4. No real animation- Although there was some slight animation in there, the majority of it was framed, and I did not like it, and who would since it is a flash portal. Meant for a large amount of frames most of the time.

As you can see, the bad points outweigh any of the good points out by a large amount and you can geuss that it obviously just doesn't seem to be to good then. The effort put into this submission was rather minimal and so was the originality of the submission. For some reason I also found it slightly hard to actually read some of the text, especially at the begininng so the clarity isn't exactly great.

Would I recomend this submission?
To be honest with you, probably not, I mean for the most part it failed to entertain and it failed to really be interesting in anyway and I just did not like the submission because of that. Overall I would have to say that this is just lame flash that does not deserve a second look, and in most cases, a first look.

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Happy Clock Day


A great case study of widespread racist prejudice, you should get a Nobel prize for this.

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you've been shooped..

anyway, happy clockday guys!

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3.93 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2007
4:30 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody