The Life of Something

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Merry Clock Day, one and all, from SnakeClock!

Follow the exciting life of this spastic little creature named Something and join him in his exciting adventures including shaving with his Mach-a-Million razor, playing solitaire in his Cubible, hijacking an airliner, and racing against his bitter rival, Something Else!

This is one of the first Flahses I've ever made, and I've been dying for an excuse to submit it, and what better excuse than a celebration of Flash and flights of fancy!


joe go oooooo

I remember when It first came out and watched it. Like a fully-functioning human being, I fucking hated it. When I first watched it, I thought to myself "Ok, this is a mistake, a failed project, nothing for the author to be ashamed of. I'm sure the author learned from his/her little mistake and will eventually remove this failed project." 6 years have passed, and this failed project still remains on Newgrounds. Why? Are you that much of a massive troll that you decide to let this abomination to be viewed and hated? You admit that this is one of your first flashes you have ever made, so you have a reasonable excuse to fail, because you were new to creating flash videos. But you have no excuse to not remove and delete this flash. With all my might, I cant even remotely enjoy this. The animation : non-existent, story: not available, I honestly have no idea what the hell I just watched. I find it astounding that you would take in all the rightful hate from everybody who watched this trash, and still decide to keep this failed project. Please, explain to me, in great detail, as to why you kept this video? Why didn't you just delete this and view it as a simple mistake? Now I have to feel sorry for everybody who accidentally watched this crap, and I almost feel sorry for you, the author, "Uberman5000", for receiving hatred over your small mistake. However, I'm not sorry for you, for you have no right, no excuse, not even the slightest bit of a reason as to not remove this pathetic fail. Please, answer me this one question, in great detail, as to why you didn't remove this?

UberMan5000 responds:

Because after almost seven years, I stopped giving a shit, and figured most other people would, too? I thought deleting it would be an unnecessary amount of effort, but apparently you decided to come back here and expel the most unnecessary effort at all by telling me you still "hate" this movie, even though there's nothing especially hateful about it other than being kind of amateurish.

Frankly, I don't think you deserve a detailed explanation. Live the rest of your life in stupefied disbelief that yet another silly Flash movie stubbornly continues to exist, despite your own peevish rage about it. If you're that unwilling to move on, it deserves to remain.


umm not very good

sry its not good its actually bad :(


i stopped it in 2min...that shit was dum...

UberMan5000 responds:

Goodness gracious, I hope I wasn't making anything dum.

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Aug 15, 2007
2:16 PM EDT