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With this movie I decided to go back to my roots as a bad animator. I also tried to incorporate old cc humour, before it became popular to make sitcom-esque toons. Music is provided by Pavement and Neutral Milk Hotel. This is for anyone who still believes that the CC is about being crude and being true.

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I really liked this, I really am a massive fan of crude classic clock crew movies, the animation and voices and shit were perfect and it was goofy and funny as shit in the old cc style.
A few things that bothered me though was that this flash had the aura of "LOOK AT ME I'M PATRICIA NOW I LISTEN TO NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL AND PAVEMENT" like that NMH song didn't need to be there at all. (Pavement was ok in the intro and is that Lou Reed - Metal Machine Music when SteakClock attacks, that was good too)
Another problem was you didn't gradient rape it enough and didn't use enough line tool.

I love this flash.
Old Clock Crew flashes are my favourite flashes on NG and this is a perfect tribute to them, the humour is perfect and absolutely spot on throughout the entire flash.
The animation is actually pretty decent even though you claimed that you were attempting to make it bad.
The graphics are also pretty decent. Since this was a classic styled CC flash I was expecting heavy use of lines and gradients, unlike old CC toons; this tends to go for the post-flash 5 style using smooth brushes as well as single colours instead of gradient rape.
My only issue with this flash is the music. The music seems to be in the way, out of place and just creates the illusion that it is just there to show off or boast about your "superior indie hipster taste", there's a reason my clock p0rno flash isn't plastered with Obituary songs. :D

One of the best short things

I love how you say you intended this to have lousy animation so I wasn't expecting much. I just like the idea of a classic Newgrounds flash being shown in an actual theater, or a remake in these case. I was in fact thinking the same thing, at least about the red color of the "B". It's just so funny to see how something so simple that has become so popular still has many things that people can complain about. It's great as a saite on fandom in general.The end with the steak clock blowing a guy up made it worthwhile.




Nice but nearly blew my speakers at the end

Credits & Info

4.50 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2007
2:13 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody