Who Shot SBC? Part 2

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Happy Clock Day!

Please watch TwigClock's Clock Day movie: tinyurl.com/2hpjym

It's quite long, sorry about that. Subtitles are on by default but they can be toggled on and off via the button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. I still haven't mastered the pause button, my apologies, but if you need to take a break you can return to the main menu by right clicking and then chose the scene you were just watching from the 'Scene Selection' menu. I hope you enjoy it. The third (and final) installment *should* be ready for Clock Day 2008.



ive been waiting for this for awhile now, nice use of the lost music btw lol.
keep up the great work :D

good jokes

sometimes the voices annoyed me, but the jokes and stuff were good. i want to know who shot sbc too, for other reasons tough...

CrustClock responds:

Intriguing! Remember to tell me why next year, will you?

Great second part

I haven't watched the Simpsons episode, but I really like the Clock story so far. Hah, I knew SBC was speaking backwards.

PS Did you decide to make this a three-part movie in the end? The first part said this would stretch across four movies.

very nice

very nice but it does have high reseblance to the simpsons episode "who shot Mr.Burns?"

CrustClock responds:

I did get the inspiration from watching that episode of The Simpsons, actually - although I tried not to make it similar in terms of plot. Just thinking about it now, though, I suppose the last scene bares some resemblance to the one in the concluding episode where Mr. Burns seemingly implicates Homer.

Whoopee!! This is great!!

Very interesting story, and more tense than the last episode. Plus, good to see some subtitles on this movie, because when I watched this, there was something wrong with my sound-card so I couldn't hear. Nice to see an interrogation scene and investigation scene too. I didn't know how SBC's scrambled speech went, but I thought it would sound something like this: "stidohfsaoijeoiaoijdeoaijefoiaeskcoe sa" or something like that...What!?!? No way!! TurdClock did it!? OBJECTION!!! You don't have any evidence to prove that it was him...!! No motive either...!! Anyway, will TurdClock be found guilty, or will a lawyer find the true culprit? (Like Phoenix Wright does) Anyway, happy Clock...week. ;)

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