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Children of Clocks

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Edit - Thanks Tom for the $9999999999

Here I present a flash about the beginning of the clock crew told in my own way. This is perhaps the only flash I feel I've done well in.

Happy Clock Day 2007

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This is really one of the best CC collaborations I've watched, as far back as I can recall, the sceneries, the characters, they're all as detailed as any regular animation (not that I know why I'd expect CC animations to be any lesser). Some sad, some happy, some completely random. The introductory sotry about B is tragic, but it gets brighter, it's a constant symbolism, an inspiration, an era brought to it's peak, an empire that traverses randomness with its impact, lol. Keep it going!


Wow pretty cool, I like the Diverse Animation styles... it's very unique and cool for a Clock crew Flash and a Collaboration of different parts I assume... Not bad, It's pretty cool!! You guys did a pretty decent work! Yes, <3 the Clock crew, I shall say!!

That's a lot of money

I was perplexed by the different styles of animation used in this and it was nice to see so many different styles. It shows that working together is what makes the Clock Crew great. It was especially funny to see it all go back to its roots at the end by being silly. Even some of the spam flash is not as bad as the stuff at the end. I kept thinking the title was a reference to something, like maybe "Children Of Men". I only wish Clock Day 2010 had as many good entries as the previous years had.


Loved the animation, it was freakishly awesome!!

pretty funny

of all the clock stuff , this is a funny one =-) i liked the animation a lot and the audio was great. well done!