Hagrid VS Harry

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It is time for the champions to challange each other in a fierce battle. Who will win? Harry Potter with his excellent skill in the arts of magic? Or Hagrid, with his whip and super-human strength? Let the battle begin!



Nice idea! Lets make tons of crap-demented movies and submit them to Newgrounds and then rape children to celebrate! Isn't that what all The-master-tommy's flashes are? Killing people, raping people, whiping people. Is all of Sveeden like zis???

The-master-tommy responds:

Well since your english pretty much sucks I'll just go ahead and communicate with you in your own language: ARIBA ARIBA! TACO TEQUILA AY CARAMBA! -dances around a hat-


Awesomeness. Pure and simple. Please make lots, lots more.


Here's some tips:

Learn to draw and if you find you can't you can always rip stuff from somewhere if you give them credit and you get their consent.

Learn to animate. Animation involves alot of time and effort and requires a lot more work then what you put in.

Hope your skills improve and I'm looking foreward to see how you grow as an artist.

The-master-tommy responds:

Thanks for the tips, although the movies I have that has passed the portal are all like 2-3 years old. I am currently working on a new movie about Hagrid that will be better than the others.


What is wrong with you? That wasn't even funny that was just sick. Don't make movies just to have them be awful.

The-master-tommy responds:

I'm afraid I cannot take any orders from you.

Great Job!

Exquisite flash skills + master storytelling = amazing flash about Hagrid!

The-master-tommy responds:

You haven't seen anything yet!

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3.49 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2007
10:46 AM EDT
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