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Clockday '07 Soundboard

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hey guys, i don't do many soundboards, but i decided to put one together in the spirit of clockday, enjoy! image "The Gang" from Tom Fulp/Newgrounds/Flash Portal

Happy Clock Day!

Sorry, my Icon didnt work. please don't kill me :)

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Hmm, well, it's a soundboard

Since it's very easy to come up with the sounds from Speakonia. I did quite like "Random Noise"

Come up with some more soundboards, as you've got the basic knack here, with all of the things like the buttons and the backgrounds etc. The sounds were neat, but it would obviously be better if you extracted the sounds from something (We can't really tell with Speakonia, can we?)

Still, keep up the decent work and I look forward to something not totally clock related :)

[Review Request Club]

Eh, okay.

-Better then the movie
-Quotes were funny

-Couldn't tell who said what
-Could have been more colorful

~Review Request Club~

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
This was a lot better than I expected it would be. For one, you had a lot of funny and interesting quotes, rather than just a bunch of shit typed into speakonia that made no sense. It's not really good for a prank call, but still some funny quotes in here.

^^Needs Improving^^
I think you should have seperated this by who said each quote. I would have liked to know who said what.

Happy Clock Day!

Lmao, all the Speakonia sounds from your movies! It was awesome, Happy Clock Day!


I also liked the message!

Once again, Happy Clock Day!

It was a sound board.

Its just a sound board, but it isn't bad, just not origonal, but I diidn't blam it so whatever. Its good for a few laughs.