Panik in Platform Peril

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We wanted to make a cool platform game similar to the classics of our sega and Nintendo days where the game environments are a lot bigger and more adventurous. Our programmer made and awesome application where we could make the game from tiles so we had fun tiling this one, it seems to go one for ages, but we hope you love the game play and the pleasing graphics.

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kinda reminds me of sonic 2 only the platforms stayed the same. the disappearing platforms is a real pain as is having to restart from the very first level. add some good 80's music and some polish and you just might have a chance.

Very boring and uneventful. make more things happen, and put in upgrades! Plus, the platforms will disappear, is that purposeful or a glitch?

nothing special

not much to say about this 1. it glitched a lot and was really boring.
needs 3 thing:
1) some music
2) a half decent story
3) something to tell it apart from any other platformer. a gimmick or an ability or something

i have to ask

was this tested? i kno the platforms shifting is a glitch, not purposeful. finish coding, or put in the right code, depending on how it broke.
needs music, and more in general.

my first bad review written (sad phace) :(

Nice Game... but Odd?!?

The platforms that seem to disappear and reappear gave the game an odd feel that I just couldn't shake. No music either to keep the mood up. Hrrmmm... ?

Would be more of a challenge if the enemies could follow you and if you could trick them to fall off the platforms and die. More fighting would help!

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2.43 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2007
7:02 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop