Epic showdown

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Epic clockday showdown! Will the businessman take the crown this time? Or will one of the dreaded samsons win? Or perhaps a NEW threat emerges this clockday... thanks goes to englishclock for providing essential resources for the dramatic ending


Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

This movie started out great, then it turned into a clock flash. Switching to the Pube Muppet-type character just ruined it for me.

DrFishSticks responds:

You fool! You clearly didn't grasp the flash's meaning. Let's go through this step by step, shall we: the businessman unwittingly entered the combat tournament, awaiting his ride to the arena of fate. However he didn't expect Samson the Beanful to launch a sneak attack upon discovering who his first opponent would be in round 1 of the tournament. Little did both of them know, Samsonclock had spied on both their activities and launched a sneak attack on both upon arriving from the sky with dark wings as his vessel. However in a flash, Pube James took out all of them with his deadly battle cry of 'TROGDOOOOOOOOOR!'
Now, the hidden meaning. Pube James signified western culture intruding upon the unspoiled beauties of other countries: in this case symbolised by a corrupt tactic destroying a fair fight between related participants, who related to each other. Their fight was clean, to an extent. Their conflict had meaning. Yet pube james, or the west, intruded for the sole purpose of winning the prize money.
So now I ask the question: is our capitalist culture the root of evil? Is our lust for money destined to consume this world? Or is it a positive thing, generating ambition and hope? I leave you to decide.

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4.05 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2007
6:29 AM EDT
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