CC - Random Violence!

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It was 6 in the morning and i had no movie, so i forced myself to make something even though i had no ideas. After 3 hours a finished this, there were alot if internet problems inbetween. I know it's not much, and kinda crappy but.... i just suck at ideas. sorry.

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This is my first time doing a "real" review...

Animations/Graphics - The fact that the clock on your face tells the actual time is a great addition. You appear to be going for an extremely simplistic art style, which works great for a clock flash! The movement of the clock when you are talking could use a little work, perhaps by using the clock's standard of putting in that talking arrow would look tons better. Loved the way Albino Clock went berzerk at the end.

Story - Well, in terms of story there really isn't much there. However, what is there is highly amusing! It would have been alot better if you went on an epic ninja-style killing spree before running into Albino, but the way you did it worked out just great!

Audio - The sound effects did match the film quite well, however I'm not really into the voice. I know it's a clock tradition to use computer voices in place of actual voices, however I feel it could be alot better by trying a different type of speech. The song at the end was great though!

Overall - While this is an extremely short flash, you made a good effort and it was extremely enjoyable for what was there. Good work!

this is funny.

i like sonic charecters.

Tails-Lock responds:

Well, I wouldn't really call the dismembered head of Tails without a proper face a "sonic character". But I am glad you somehow managed to find this rubbish enjoyable.

ok? ok?

... its not all that good i couldnt understand the words much... its ok i mean if i had to watch anything id watch this

Tails-Lock responds:

I always find it so wierd to hear people say they can't hear the voices very well. I guess it's just something I've gotten so used to so it's easy for me to understand.
Anyway for like 2 years I have been meaning to add subtitles to all my movies. I hope it's not another year before I finally get that done.


See that clock on your lock?

Yeh that tells the time? It made me on time for a night out!

I have my start menu clock tucked away, not always noticable!

So thank you very much! :D

Tails-Lock responds:

No problem, though I forget who originally made it with the time telling abilities. But I am glad I could help somehow.

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4.61 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2007
4:23 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody