Tips On Shaving Pubes

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Based on a true story, this action thriller takes you to a land where no question is too inappropriate. A place where every response is either something way too personal, or "Cut it off". This film will make you crawl to the edge of your seats then crawl back, and repeat because of a horrible blinding crotch itch. You don't know pain until you know The Tips. Dive into the world of your-mom-jokes and the needs and wants of a hairless society. Explore a zone where the finest delights are trimmed and groomed into a proper meal. Join friends and family alike and discover a pubic kind of poopy...
Enter: Tips on shaving pubes.

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Pretty neat

I did not know whether to give this a 1 or a 10, so I simply went halfway and gave it a 5. The weakest point is that the sound can just get really annoying, especially with the voices. Its redeeming parts are that it is pretty unexpected overall. I especially like the appearance of the piranha although that could only be because I saw that piranha movie. I have a brother who shaves his butt hair a lot, but not his face. That hair can get a bit annoying for me, because my feces sometimes gets stuck in it.


So many flaws on this is wasn't even funny,the sound quality was terrible along with the animation also the idea was pretty dumb too,have more effort then that next time.

PaperClipClock responds:



this makes poop look good enough to eat.
first of all i couldnt understand anything, and even on the lowest possible volume(before mute) it was extremely annoying. ive seen some crappy things in my life but this is by far the first that i have give 0/10 for. this was not even funny.
you need to improve sound quality, and dont make the scenes go by so fast, i didnt get a chance to read the text.

PaperClipClock responds:

if i could be a clock, i would be GuyInJacketClock, i totally made the picture below on my own in like 10 mins, i had no idea how much detail you have to put into making one of these, so there you have it, GuyInJacketClock is not official, but hoping to become official.
as of now, GuyInJacketClock is property of Alienmuffin!

Cut it off!

I know I did!

What's the point of anal hair anyway?

Great movie, enjoyed every second of it!

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3.68 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2007
4:10 AM EDT