Tips On Shaving Pubes

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Based on a true story, this action thriller takes you to a land where no question is too inappropriate. A place where every response is either something way too personal, or "Cut it off". This film will make you crawl to the edge of your seats then crawl back, and repeat because of a horrible blinding crotch itch. You don't know pain until you know The Tips. Dive into the world of your-mom-jokes and the needs and wants of a hairless society. Explore a zone where the finest delights are trimmed and groomed into a proper meal. Join friends and family alike and discover a pubic kind of poopy...
Enter: Tips on shaving pubes.


Happy Clock Day!

I think this is pretty much my favorite movie of the whole day

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
Ok, it was decent. It was kind of funny once I adjusted my volume and watched through the entire thing.

^^Needs Improving^^
Quite a bit disappointing. I think the audio was a little bit annoying and it didn't do the funny graphical interest in this movie.

Ahaha hilarious!

funny as hell

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fived and faved

great work!

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why is it every time i watch one of these clock movies it always turns out to be a bunch of random BULL SHIT?!!! i mean most of the time i cant even understand what the hell u guys are saying, even if you put in the words u cant read them cuz thy're going way to fast. nothing makes sense in these. u might as well take a shit on a newspaper, throw it into a blender, burn it to a crisp, throw it back into the blender with milk and 2 eggs, shit on it again and send it to my home address.
i'm giving u a 2/10 just for credit though.

you still dissappoint me.

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3.75 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2007
4:10 AM EDT