ClockDay-Strawberry Reign

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Note: I don't like or dislike clocks. I'm neutral, which means I will probably contribute to both clockday and anti-clockday. Enjoy.

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Well that's a downer.

To see Tom just walk sadly then end up shooting himself in the head was pretty sad and no Strawberry Clock,indeed a sad flash but had really good animation at least. :P

Good animation.

Maybe it's the fact that it's so late, but I found this submission to not really be that funny, I could see the humour in it and i liked it for that, but I did not find it funny. The animation was really quite smooth and I enjoyed the submission for that though, nice work.

I'm confused...

A little short, but the animations were smooth and the sound wasn't too bad. Could be better though! :P

cheap and anooying

it makes no F***ing sense..

SBC doesn't just randomly make hunchback cheap loser symbols kill themselves..

he is more of a comical character with mental issues..if you ever watch clock flashes instead of being an ignorant outcast..

Linked responds:


Uh? It's over?

That was... Uh short and yeah...
Since it's one fith of the length I hoped for, it gets one fith the rating it could have had...

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3.44 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2007
2:58 AM EDT
Music Video