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The Orange Hour

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EDIT: WOW! Front page?! Wow, thanks A LOT guys. I really appreciate this. Thanks Tom and everyone who voted. Happy Clockday guys <3!

This had a score of 4.43 before front page exposure and the massive downvoting it received by newgrounders.

I made this in less than 6 days with about 4 hours a day. It took a lot of work to do and it was fun to make.

It's Clockday for Orange Clock! I wonder how he spends it...

Happy Clockday!


A triumph

I have a feeling that last part wouldn't be as funny without the animation

An Excellent ClockDay submission!

I can honestly tell that this is going to shape up to be one of the best ClockDay submissions this year around. The length alone showed that there was at least a little bit of effort put into this. I think on a regular day, this submission would also be successful.

The initial idea was good, and with the help of the song they were playing to, worked out really well. The song playing at the start of the movie was awesome as well, definitely a good choice. The graphics were good, I like how you used a couple pictures of REAL things such as the orange and how you used an elegant clock face for Orange.

Overall this was a great submission for a very special day. Happy Clock Day!


that was awesome dude nuff said

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
Two good movies in one! Have to say that I liked the style of graphics, which was mostly picture backgrounds and then very detailed clocks. I have to say that I like your idea to put duck.fla in here, though I'm not a fan of Mitch Hedberg.

^^Needs Improving^^
Kind of weird how the two movies really aren't linked at all. I would have submitted them separately.

Wow, this is a real piece of work!

Newgrounds should be- and probably is- proud to have the Clock Crew making flashes for the benefit of this site. Pardon my officiousness (intrusion), but are you a member of the Clock Crew yourself, or just an impostor called a Clock Clone? Thank you for the time; this flash has brought me great pleasure.

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4.15 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2007
2:13 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody