The Orange Hour

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EDIT: WOW! Front page?! Wow, thanks A LOT guys. I really appreciate this. Thanks Tom and everyone who voted. Happy Clockday guys <3!

This had a score of 4.43 before front page exposure and the massive downvoting it received by newgrounders.

I made this in less than 6 days with about 4 hours a day. It took a lot of work to do and it was fun to make.

It's Clockday for Orange Clock! I wonder how he spends it...

Happy Clockday!


(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
Two good movies in one! Have to say that I liked the style of graphics, which was mostly picture backgrounds and then very detailed clocks. I have to say that I like your idea to put duck.fla in here, though I'm not a fan of Mitch Hedberg.

^^Needs Improving^^
Kind of weird how the two movies really aren't linked at all. I would have submitted them separately.

Back to back ass kicking!

Quite wonderful Zen! Both parts of this toon pleased me greatly! It started off with that sexy son of a bitch Orange awaking from bed, and snagging that hawt tophat. As he hopped to the concert, we saw a couple of clocky cameos, though the true cameos were those playing the instruments. The Daft Punk came out of no where, but rocked me away ;) I would have tried to at least show one non-siloetted >< rocking out face, but that's just me. Still, quite silly, and rocked me nicly :P Then i saw Mitch's name, and a :3 appeared on my face... yes, i can turn into a cat. Anyways, a great bit from him, and a wonderful use of duck.fla! Seriously, two awesome clock day submissions into one. I think all clocks need more 'orange hour' on their faces... and i mean those, wallclock.. type... clocks, not the vector ones ;)

Happy late clockday ^_^

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that was awesome dude nuff said


i could only get to the part where orangeclock walks into the building but then it stopped and went black.

ZenMicroClock responds:

DId you make sure it loaded before you pressed play man. Because there's about 3 more minutes of animation after that.

Definitely one of my favs of Clockday

I loved this movie. The music was great, and the animation was great and really aided the Mitch Hedberg. Mitch Hedberg says "bun" in a way that sounds funny.
Also, thanks for the cameo.
Happy Clock Day!

ZenMicroClock responds:

Thanks man. Your's was still better in my opinion. And I totally spelled your name wrong :[

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4.15 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2007
2:13 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody