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A Clockday PSA

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Author Comments

Happy Clockday everyone. This is a PSA, a reminder to remain safe this Clockday.

In all seriousness, cheers to Tomamoto for the voice work.

I'll make an effort to respond to every review :)

Update: Now in Color :)

- Mike, www.ImpendingRiot.com

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if you tell anybody about this i'll kill you hah

That was great.

Very creative with idea of the flash and nice to see a Clock flash with actual voice acting too,i was also impressed with the well detailed animation too,it was quite enjoyable. =)

A nice tribute.

This is one of those submissions that really has nothing special in it, but it does its job well. It is a nice tribute submission for the clocks and the storyline in general of this submission was the driving force behind the entertainment. And that was a good thing in this case. All in all, good work.

Pretty Good!

A nice clockday tribute you have here It's not very long and the graphics are pretty simple as well, but everything flows together smoothly and the plot is genius as well. Love it, keep it going!


Crappy animation

But good flash idea and script. This is some funny shit.