Clock t3h [CLOCKDAY07]

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lololol t3h clock day


That was just silly.

It wasn't really impressive but i got a good laugh from it at least the beginning with the Rocky music but when Mario Clock was walking up the hill it really dragged out and got boring so you we're half n half with this piece.

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(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
An interesting Clock Day movie. I'm writing this as I watch the really long tween, so here's what I think so far. I like the music and the intro to this was pretty well made. The end to this was just amazing. It really made the wait worthwhile.

^^Needs Improving^^
Not really a fan of the incredibly long tween style you had in here. It's kind of annoying having to wait that long for a conclusion.



Gave me a good chuckle. =3

I think it's immature but immaturity is fucking fun. =D

The preloader worked on my computer. I loved how it told you what happened and it just made me chuckle for pointing out the obvious. (And it is obvious if you've seen the other mario flashes done by atarah =3)

The introduction also had not bad and on sync animation which I know is hard to do. >_<

The tween was a tween. No magic there except how long it took. =)
Just makes me laugh that when I wait for all that time, we see two clocks doing it right at the end.

Made me laugh and I hope this gets into a collection, k? =D

t3h responds:


Uh oh

Broken preloader :(

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Aug 15, 2007
12:04 AM EDT