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Rewind: PathwayThroughNG

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Happy Clock Day Everyone!!! (I submitted when the countdown hit 0 seconds on their website, but it still must have been a few seconds too early, which is why it was submitted 11:59, I really did mean to submit at exactly 12:00)

This is an alternate ending to the 6th place Pico Day movie, Pico Day: Pathway Through Newgrounds.

It also features a new preview for Madness: Pathway Through Newgrounds (coming September 15th, 2007)

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hahaahahahahaahh it miss hiss head and it hit hiss crown and i'm not a snake

Nothing really great.

Okay, to be honest with you here I found this submission to be really quite boring, I mean it wasn't bad or anything, but it just did not provide a lot of fun for me or any real entertainmeant. There was a real lack of story in this submission and that really hurt my liking of this submission. All in all, not something I would watch again.


the strawberry clock is idiotic and f@#$ing annoying


Sorry Pico But U Cant Kill Strawberry Clock U Fing Retard lol

Lol ! haha

lolz poor pico could not blam the Big B but i dotn see the reason why he shoudl D