Keric's Komplex Chapter 1

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DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that this is a text based Gay-adult oriented game.

Keric's Komplex: Chapter 1
Keric is home alone and he just woke up. What's a hot young gay elf to do when he has morning wood?

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Omg this is such a hot game, it makes me cum each time I play it

I like to orgasm to the screen right after you make him cum. where he has a ? over his head.

Fuck yeah...

I think the story is great to jerk off to. Keric is so sexy and muscular. 10 out of 10!


And he's so cute, AND HOT at the same time. This version is better than the game 2 one.

I love his cute face, cute body, hot abs, hot body, huge yet realistic looking and realistic sized cock, and big nipples.

Ughhh! You know when you're jerking off and you feel your cock head and it's super hard and red, like your cock is fully hard and because of that your cock head is hard and red?

I love rubbing the cock head while it's so hard and smooth. It get's more harder and smoother and red'er the closer you come to cumming and being fully erect.

ahh.. *rubs* *Then continues to jerk off to this beautiful game and cums all over*

Haven't came in like 4 days... So here's a big white thick yummy load.