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The 24 Hour FBF Comp

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Hey Newgrounds,
St1k and I present the 24 hour FBF competition, a competition where you, the ng members, get to vote for who you think deserves to win! where each member had 24 hours to make a part. The first place entry (Who you get to vote for!) gets $50 and second place gets $10. So after watching, send a PM to st1k (Theres a link at the end) the name of your favorite entry.
Press skip at the bottom to skip an entry. Thanks a bunch and I hope you enjoy the 24 hour fbf competition Collab, and Be sure to Rate and vote.
-Toasterdemon and st1k

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...What just happened?


Well... it was fun to watch, but tbh I didn't really get any of it. My fav part was the kitty and the can of tune :3 (again, I didn't get that either, but it was entertaining)

MisterMonkeyMan o^_^o (tm face)

I vote for the guy with ghaetto in his name.

It was too fast for me to read, so i could see i think iamtooghetto. ARCADE WOOT!

This was pretty good

For Pezboy440; The second I saw that the environment and everything else was popping into existance I KNEW that it was going to explode in the end. I don't know why things popping into existance tipped me off, but I just knew.


For the time alotted, it was pretty good, although some were better than others. I have a question though, what song was used in Frozenfire's part? It sounds so familiar but I can't remember who it's by or what it's called. A little help anyone? Thanks.

Pretty good

Good entertainment. I always like watching collabs! You get to see everyones' handywork scrunched into either a 2,5,10,15, or even 20 minute flash. And you get a taste of everyones style. Not just one persons' which gets bland after awhile.
Thanks for that flash yall!