calculators are evil

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I always knew there was something fishy about those calculators.


not bad?

Not a lot of animation going on bad it's more like a bad joke. I didn't know what the hell it said but I found out here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sieg_Hei l

Also, did you use your imagination or you found that out somewhere?

To tell you the truth this flash MAY offend some people. So I suggest you make something better next time.

The-master-tommy responds:

Seriously, who could possibly be offended by this? It's not like I am supporting Hitler in any way. If everyone is supposed to remove everything that could offend people, the discovery channel would be pretty empty because they have alot of hitler documentaries.


I love anything that makes fun of Nazis, simple, and funny

The-master-tommy responds:

I know! Finally someone who laughs with me.

You're sick

Seriously, I've seen better imiganination on a Cerial Box's Nutritional Information!

The-master-tommy responds:

Tell me the name of that serial box.

"Sieg Heil"... Hail to Victory?

What's so bad about praising victory and saying "of course" in German?Moreover, what does this have to do with calculators?

The-master-tommy responds:

Most people think of Adolf Hitler when they hear "Sieg Heil". And in case you didn't notice; The calculator had spelled Sieg Heil with numbers once you had turned it upside down.

you nazi

I think america hates you a little more than it did before....

The-master-tommy responds:

Nazi? Tell me, how the hell does this make me a nazi? Is the movie called "Calculators are the best" or something like that? No, It is called "Calculators are EVIL". Oh no, America hates me. I couldn't care less.

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Aug 13, 2007
9:55 PM EDT
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