Canadian Idiot!

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(NOTE: To all my angry Canadian viewers; this is a parody. Learn to take a joke.)

EDIT: Woot! Daily 3rd, Weekly 4th, and a spot on the front page! Thanks!

Both Weird Al and South Park fans should get a kick outta this.

Nearly 3 weeks of hard work to get this finished. When I noticed the lack of Canadian Idiot videos I knew I just had to make one, so here it is! To be completely honest, I thought the idea of using South Park characters for this song had already been done. After some quick research I was surprised no one thought of it. Anyway, be kind and vote fairly. :)



ha ha ha! it's funny because its true! lol blame canada the golden age of south park will never end! i dont even think their is a single race, culture, country, pheory, religion or any other human element or beleif that has not been insulted and disproved by south park left. awesome movie!

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Shouldn't Al be American?

Al isn't Canadian, so why is he animated like that? Anyway as a Canadian, this doesn't offend me at all, because a) Weird Al made it and b) people should just take humor with a grain of salt. 9/10.

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Oh please Person Below Me, Calm Down

This is a parody. Don't get your undies in a knot. It's not like TITROTU wrote the song. He made the video. Go whine at Weird Al, who actually wrote the song.
And for the record, the animation was very nicely done and although it wasn't Exactly like South Park, it was damn well effective, because hey 100% accuracy doesn't mean crap.
He worked hard on it, and he did a great job so please, if you don't have anything constructive to say, let it go.

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far out nice work on the video

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Nuking the centre of Canada

By nuking the "centre" you have kill a comparatively small number of us. The rest, are right at your door step. Canadian too, and got a good number chuckles out of this.

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