Foamy's Wrath The Game

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This is our first game so i hope its good. Have fun!



Id say that you cant say hes awful for not being original.
honestly how can you say that if you dont mkae something completely original then your a bad designer? there isnt anything near possiable of being made!

it wasnt great but it wasnt awful like some thing that makes it way here.

that was horrible

Basically what roderickii said. btw the game was Space Invaders.

three letters WTF??!!!

OMFG the games u make suck all u did was a cheap remake of an old skool game that i forgot the name of....THIS SUCKS if u have any real creativity u really need to bring it out. I know this is harsh but i mean come on man is this all u got?!!! im sure u could do better if u really wanted to. Srry giving this lame game a big fat zero on the voting.

Copy of space fighters.


Your enemies do not stop firing at death.
Intro is of mediocre quality, at best.
The little blocks are supposed to last more than one shot in space fighter, y'know?
The concept itself is a transparent copy of the flash, of course. I have doubts about whether you asked the creator.


i give it a 3 due to the simple fact it was to much like centipide from the arcade about 20 years ago. i think it could have been done better. next time make it a little more interesting by adding some other kind of attacks atleast.

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1.58 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2007
3:32 PM EDT
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