Kill Boe

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A simple game where you click and choose how Boe dies.
Not a very sophisticated game (by any standards) But hopefully worth a laugh or two.

I started this game when i was first learning how to make buttons back in about, mid 2005. Then I started building on it, and soon I had a whole game.

To save myself time, all sounds made in this movie come from my own mouth. So please don't rate based on sound. I know the sound makes you want to cut your ears off, but just look (or listen) past it, and focus on the humor


You've grown

youve grown since the first one and you should redo all of them to make it even more awesome unless your lazy like me :P

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Noodle responds:

I was originally going to remake all of them for Kill Boe 2, but I had a few new ideas to use instead, and wanted to dump a few that I didn't like as much anymore

lel sony psp lawsuit incoming people find this helpful

Noodle responds:

Thanks for checking out this super old game! It's a fun excuse for me to revist something I made so long ago.

At the time, I had never actually play a PSP, and I think I was just being a fan-boy, mocking it as a way to show support for the Nintendo DS.


i seen the second one so i think mthe rock one is the funniest ..lol

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Noodle responds:

You saw the 2nd and still gave this 10/10?
You sir are amazing!
Compared to the new one, this one is, dare I say it... garbage.
Thank you none theless!!


i dont know why you said this one was worse compared to the second.

i belive that this is a fine example of that even if the graphics suck the flash can still be good.

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Noodle responds:

Thanks for your support man.
It may still be good for a laugh or two I suppose.
But it's almost funny just because of how poor it is.

From my own PoV as an animator, seeing such old work compared to newer work, it is only natural that I say it is worse. But I love being able to so thoroughly measure how I have improved :D

I liked this alot!

The deaths, just when you thought you'd know what would happen, turn out to be something related indirectly to it, as in the butterknife and rock, was funny as hell and unexpected. The rest were okay, the animation could use a bit of work, and about sound, my comp is muted so i dunno XD

Noodle responds:

it was probably for the better that your computer was muted. hah.

but im glad somebody liked my unexpectedness of the knife and rock. most people don't get the knife. they think he was trying to stab himself, but he's just waving it around

anyways, thanks for the review

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2.68 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2007
12:16 AM EDT
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