Behind The Doors

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9 floors and a pent house full of pure random madness!! Help Dink catch cats for a retard, shoot trolls with a water pistol and defeat a gigantic robot just to find the exit door to a wacky hotel. This game includes roll playing, first person shooter, puzzle solving and more.

I uploaded this game before but have made the necessary adjustments to please the viewers.

Please enjoy the game and let me know if you get stuck.
-Pavel Lubanski
"What floor can you get to?"

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died 37 times and the rage boner it gave me tore my salmon colored shorts. my dog walked in when it happened and i had to tell him its not what it looks like. i am now crying.

mid (completed the game and wasted a good 2 hours on it)

What to do once the green monster thing is dead on floor 7? :l

JunkYardAnimations responds:

i think you enter the room or need a flash light... jar and candle

pretty shit when it comes to clicking eg when trying to grab or kill stuff and trying to get pass the cave level. i sat her for 20 mins trying to punch the in the face and it dosent work even if i click on his face before he punches me. it was realy fun at frist but that ruined it for me if u fixed that this game would be great.

JunkYardAnimations responds:

I appreciate the feedback! I get different experiences for different browsers and computers types I'm hearing. On my Desktop computer I am able to click and get passed... however YES, it is glitchy and not really letting you click exactly on time. I'm sorry :( I love you so much tho

what am i looking at

JunkYardAnimations responds:

Are you able to play SWF’s on your computer ?