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Microsoft Sam's Life

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I'm resubmitting this with my new account.

Me and my friends made the script a long time ago when we first discovered Microsoft Sam on the computer.

Then i desided to put it to a flash movie. we had something like 30 parts written. And this movie is aobut part 1-4 or something. And its about 3 minutes long.

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Awesome video now time to go to my ROFLcopter soisoisoisoisoisoisoisoi ps the machine gun noise was a good one.



I just had an idea for an animation about the life of a guy with the voice of microsoft sam. But whatever, you beat me to it. Funny little flash. And i can see you've improved alot when i see you recent flashes.

Indeed, a humble (yet great) beginning...

Yeah, if we compare this to your flashes nowadays, it seems like it's a completely different author. I've been keeping up with your work for about 2 years now, and we all can notice how much you have improved over the years...

The submission itself was pretty good for a started (at the time). The graphics were pretty good, and you and your friends are pretty creative... Too bad I'm using Windows 7 right now, and it only has that silly "Microsoft Mary". Bring back Sam, Microsoft! :P

You could have used some more sounds other than Sam's monotonic voice. Maybe some other Windows sounds and such... Oh and do you plan on animating the other 26 parts you had written? Heh, I'm sure they will be even better than this one!

Nice first flash, keep up being goatfully awesome. ;)

Noodle responds:

I actually made I think 5 episodes of this, including a Christmas special that I scripted especially for Newgrounds!
They were all originally on my old account, but when I switched to Goat-Man I was a little embarassed and didn't want my profile cluttered with such an old series. I didn't both to upload them, but they are still on my computer!

I suppose with Newground's new "dump" feature I finally have a place to stick them if anyone ever wants to watch them. Haha


my microsoft mary will be his friend.
she tried to be friends with a tree.

Noodle responds:

I hate all other microsoft voices! Sam was the only good one!

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4.42 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2007
2:16 PM EDT