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The font i used looks like its all caps but its not u can tell between them so please dont leave any comments about puncutation =D Also please if there are any glitches report them to me plz Thanks.!

Well Here it is! The Allaround Tutorial. V 3.0 Took me a whole 10 hrs - 3 days to complete this there is 12 tutorials on there with extras credits creator bios ! its been a long rode since v1.0 and ill show u the improvements

+Fixed bg problem u can see the words now!
+ Minimized size by ALOT
+ fixed the song overlap problem
+ Fixed The preloader
+Corrected All Grammar Problems.
+Made a menu.
+Added sound off button.
+Added a back button.
+added creator bios
+Added Extras
+Added Credits
+Added New font.
+added diffrent bg on most of he frames
+Launched v 3.0

There they are and there is alot! i must say im sorry about all the white marks and stuff...

Yessss! Its here my Allaround tutorial. I worked hard on this one the whole thing from three diff versions.

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WTF? When you click menu it only playes the production ad again. Is this a joke?! Or is something wrong with my com?

Looks pretty awful

If you "fixed the bg problem", then I can't imagine how hard it was to read the words before you "fixed" it... because, in my opinion, placing white letters over a gradient background that includes white as one of the dominant colors is just not conducive to legibility.

One of the other things I noticed was that your "Next" or "forward" button doesn't always appear in the same place, making it difficult to read and move on smoothly. When I got done reading I was expecting to just be able to click to move to the next slide, but then needed to break my train of thought and search for the button.

It could do with a lot more examples. Some screen-captures of example flash timelines, more captures of the actual graphics you were working with, some progressive shots of work coming togther... It was really weak graphically, and honestly, the font you used wasn't fun to read throughout the whole tutorial. Normally, I would choose something more simple fopr the basic text portions, the font you used was too distracting. And the fact that it was one of those fonts that has no choice but capital letters wasn't a plus.

You said it took you 3 whole days and 10 hours to put this together... and you think that is a long time for putting together a Flash application? Seriously? Honestly, I wouldn't be boasting the fact that this took you "3 days", because the flash itself clues you in on the fact that not too much time and effort was put into this, and bragging about 3 days only proves that that is the case.

I'm not trying to be a jerk here, you just seem to need a lesson or two in user-interface design. Not that I am some expert in the area... but I would say I at least try.

Check out my Object Oriented AS tutorial. I'm not saying that what I created is "what a tutorial should be" or anything. But I would say it is a hell of a lot closer than what you've got here.

Good luck on your future endeavors.


before i tell you about that i just need to say that at the beggining, you need change the background or text color. definitely. this will get a zero from me every time untill you fix that because i had to fold back my laptop monitor all the way to see the words that were over the white part. oh and i read the comments, there is no problem with your capitolization, it was just a way to get you to read this.


the info was good, but the graphics were horrible.

Not bad.

It was decent. But for someone making a flash tutorial, it was certainly basic. It seems like you're not all that well educated with flash yourself (don't take it personally). It was informative though, I'll give you that. The menu was convenient and the ability to turn off the sound was also nice.

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Aug 11, 2007
11:43 PM EDT
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